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How to clean the mold on the walls or ceiling


Humidity is one of the common and frequent problems in a household and Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου can help you deal with it. Mold on the walls or the ceiling is an issue that most of us have come to face or will face at some point. But these fungi are undesirable, both for aesthetic and medical reasons. Here are two easy solutions to temporarily clean the mold. And we say temporary, because the permanent solution will come when you find and address the root cause that creates the whole issue.

Clean mold with bleach

To get rid of unwanted mold you will need:

  • Laundry bleach diluted with water
  • Bottle with spray system
  • Plastic gloves
  • Disposable mask

Before you start, wear plastic gloves and a disposable mask. In other words, it is good not to come in direct contact with the mold. You will also need to open the windows, so that not only the space but also you breathe as you clean the moisture. Lay newspapers or cardboard on the floor. Then dilute the bleach with water, in a ratio of 1 to 8, in a spray bottle.

Spray thoroughly on the areas where the problem occurs. Bleach is an active bleach and will eliminate traces of mold. Because bleach discolors clothes, wear something casual. Allow the mixture to act and let the surface dry well before returning the furniture to its place. As you understand, not only will you not need to scrub, but you should not, because with the scrub the mold will spread to other parts of the area.

Fill a bowl with coarse salt and place it in the corners of the house, where you have identified increased moisture problems. You will see that moisture will slowly begin to be absorbed by the salt! Once a month change the salt in the bowl.

Clean it with borax

Unlike bleach, borax is a natural cleaning product that does not emit chemicals or dangerous fumes and is an excellent anti-mold solution. To get rid of unwanted mold you will need:

  • Borax (you will find it in the form of white powder)
  • Brush Cotton
  • A towel
  • Plastic gloves
  • Disposable mask

Wear a mask, gloves and mix 4 tablespoons of borax with lukewarm water in your bowl. You will add as much water as needed to make a solid mixture, like a paste. With the help of the brush, spread the mixture on the problem areas, but without rubbing. Leave the mixture to act for 2 to 3 hours. Then wipe gently with a clean towel. No need to rinse.

The above solutions that we suggest  you are definitely effective, but they are a temporary solution. At the first opportunity you should prime the problematic surface and apply two coats of fungicidal plastic paint. And of course you have to find the cause that causes the mold on the walls and deal with it. Only if you find the cause for the mold creation, you will get rid of the problem permanently and radically.

Find the cause of the mold and deal with it

Mold is essentially a fungus and quite durable, which grows at a rapid rate. So you understand that if you do not find the cause of the evil, the mold will return again and again. The most common causes of mold are:

The room is not adequately ventilated

The walls need adequate fresh air circulation, especially in the bathroom. That is why not only in summer but also in winter it is good to leave the balcony doors and windows open for at least 10 to 20 minutes daily. Opening the windows, drier air enters the house, which heats to room temperature and absorbs water vapor from the interior.

At the same time the humid indoor air is blown out. Special dehumidifiers will help you with the issue of increased humidity, during the autumn and winter months. Turn on this special device as often as you can to absorb as much moisture as possible, preventing mold from growing. The dehumidifier acts preventively, but will not eliminate the already existing mold on the walls.

A water pipe is broken

If the moisture problem occurred suddenly and only at a specific point, then it is possible that there is some plumping. In these cases, moisture is usually found in ceilings, kitchen and bathroom drains, ventilation pipes that intersect the walls vertically. In this case you are gonna need a plumber from Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου, who will check the specific part of your house for any unseen leaks and of course will repair them in no time. They handle every plumbing issue according to your needs with extra care and with low charge.

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5 + 1 Questions & Answers to learn How the washing machine works


5 + 1 Questions & Answers to learn How the washing machine works!

The washing machine  – επισκευή service πλυντήρια is an absolutely necessary household appliance, without which we would have to spend a lot of money on the laundry or valuable time for hand washing. However, each model and brand of washing machine has some different functions. How does the washing machine work and how will you use its capabilities if you do not have the instruction manual? It is true that the instruction manual is the most convenient way to find out how your washing machine works properly.

Of course, this does not mean that the world is lost, if you do not remember where the manual is. There are some general tips for all modern washing machines, thanks to which you can “get to know” your washing machine. In any case, with the washing machine you must remember to show patience and not to make careless movements. A damage to the washing machine can be quite costly and can be caused before you even realize it. Want to know more about how the washing machine works? we have gathered for you some useful tips to get acquainted with its use! How does the washing machine work?

5 + 1 tips to get to know your washing machine!

# 1 Basic principles of washing machine operation

During the operation of the washing machine, the water pipe of the appliance is connected to the water supply of your house. From there, water passes, which is heated in the washing machine. Depending on the washing program you choose, the water temperature can reach up to 90 degrees Celsius. Water falls on clothes as they are washed. After rinsing, the water is discharged from the washing machine, through the drain pipe of the device.
how the washing machine works

This pipe is usually placed in a siphon, or even in the bathtub, to drain the water, without soiling the bathroom. This is the general way, how the washing machine works. Of course, for each washing program the process may be slightly different from the others. Installing and connecting a washing machine for new washing machines is not a difficult task. However, it is advisable to seek the help of a technician if you have no previous experience in this work.

# 2 The right weight for your washing machine

Each washing machine model has a maximum weight of dry clothes, which can be washed in every wash, without any problems. For example, there are washing machines that work with up to 5 kg of dry clothes, other washing machines with 8 kg and so on. It is very important not to exceed this weight, because in the long run the device will be damaged.

How the washing machine works and how long it stays healthy is directly affected by whether we respect the maximum permissible weight of the clothes. If you do not know how many clothes your washing machine can fit, you can do a search with its model on the internet, to find some relevant information. It is worth knowing that you can put less kilos of clothes for washing, if you do not have many clothes for washing. As long as you do not put on more pounds.

# 3 The right amount of laundry detergent

Before choosing a washing program for your clothes and start washing, you must add detergent. Usually, the laundry detergent drawer has 3 compartments. The detergent is placed in the middle compartment, from where it ends up in the bin when the washing machine is running. Whether you use powder detergent or liquid detergent, the case does not change.

If the clothes you want to wash are not very stained, or just want a freshener, you do not need to put an entire measuring tape. On the other hand, if you are dealing with serious stains, you need to show generosity with the detergent. Often, the packaging of the detergent has some indicative dosages, depending on how the washing machine works, ie what kind of program. You can trust these instructions for best results.

# 4 Choosing a washing program

Each washing machine has a washer, which has around it some programs of the washing machine. Depending on the clothes you want to wash, you choose the appropriate program, for perfect results. For example, cotton is washed at high temperatures (60-90 degrees) in programs for durable clothing. Then, synthetic clothes are washed at lower temperatures (30-40 degrees), because they are less durable.

It is worth noting that each of your clothes has a small card on it, which contains washing instructions. If you do not know for sure how the washing machine works, depending on the clothes you wash, you can check the tabs. There you will find the right washing temperature, but also other needs of your clothes, e.g. For ironing. After turning the washer to the program you want, press the “Start” button and the washing machine starts washing. Ηow does  the washing machine works?

# 5 The expected washing process

Once the washing machine starts, you do not need to do anything. You do not need to wait right on top of it, nor wait for it to end. However, you can know how the washing machine works as it washes your clothes. At first, the washing machine draws water (maybe a little noise), so it starts to make some loose turns. After drawing enough water, the washing machine starts heating the water until it reaches the desired temperature. At this stage, it should not be heard at all.

Then the washing machine starts turning again, this time faster, as it washes the clothes. Depending on how the washing machine works, in which program, the speed and power of the bucket are affected. The washing machine then drains the water from the sewer pipe and draws in new water, continuing the process. Depending on the program you choose, the washing machine can also spin, where it is possible for the washing machine to shake more.

Let the washing machine experts of 24gr, maintain and repair your washing machine. You will be amazed by their experience and great job.

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Is yout content effective? 9 ways to measure it!


Is yout content effective? 9 ways to measure it!

It is a fact that the era demands more and more content on our websites. Lies. Our age needs more USEFUL content. But what most people forget is to “measure” how useful their content was and what their end result was.

If you ask us, the secret is to focus on trends and record the statistics you collect from your content over time. If you are stuck in how you can measure the effectiveness of your content, then use these 9 steps to identify its weaknesses and strengths.

Unique visitors

The number of unique visitors is an excellent indicator of the size of your audience, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Invest more time in the analysis of your pages. See why some pages get more traffic. Is it due to better content and quality or a seo friendly theme? Gather more unique visitors by doing research on social media. Locate your audience and customize your website so that it can be easily shared on social networks.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is briefly the total number of people who visited your website but did not go to other pages on your website. The bounce rate is a great indicator to understand if your content enhances engagement with visitors. To keep your bounce rate low, create unique content that will impress your visitors and cleverly structure your website so that users can edit more content.

Where are your visitors from?

Knowing where your visitors are from is extremely important, as it also helps you to compile your content accordingly. If your content does not reach the target areas you could find this audience through Social Media with campaigns set up specifically for those geographical areas.

Social Networks

Shares, mentions and comments show how well your content communicates with your target audience. The metrics we take mainly from social media help us and guide us more about what content our visitors need or what they like best. If you are creating content just to optimize your conversion through social media then you are on the wrong track. Use social media to share useful information, educate your audience, entertain your audience and become a source of inspiration. Believe us it creates unique value for your business. If users share your content on social media it means that your brand is gaining confidence. Conversions in this case will come in the long run. Trust what we tell you.

Incoming Links

The number of inbound links from reputable websites on your site shows the performance of your content in one way. When you see that the number of your links increases from related content pages it is a sign that your Brand Trust is at a good level. A link from a high authority website is definitely a big win, but it also shows you which content has not received so much value and maybe here you should consider the help of social media.

Landing pages

Visits to landing pages are a good indicator to see how your content generates traffic. To date, we meet them mainly for completing a form or for promoting a product. Test your page over and over again in case it does not perform as expected. A / B tests show us many times the weaknesses of a page as well as what form of it the users like. Commonly in a more structured way when our page is structured it gives the maximum.

Quality of Leads

Conversions are nice is also what everyone is looking for. But if you do not gather the right leads then content marketing becomes impersonal. Analyze carefully, who fills in the forms to receive your newsletter? What is the profile of the person who has access to your content? Is it the profile of the people who will become your customer? If you approach the wrong consumer profile then it will most likely have a direct impact on sales.

Search Rankings

Your position in the search engines is an effective indicator of the overall performance of your content. Ranking shows that your content is high quality, optimized for the right keywords. It can take months, however, to see a change in rankings and it is certainly not the most important indicator of content success.

For the end we left Conversions, which is the goal of all content marketers. The high number of Conversions (conversion of visitor to buyer / registered user etc.) means that our content has succeeded. What did he achieve? It managed to be liked by users, to be shared on social networks, to bring links and in the end it gave the desired number of purchases, registered users or whatever else was your ultimate goal. This is the best indicator to measure your efforts and see if your content was successful.

Just remember that Conversions do not come overnight, it takes time and effort from a team of experts to create, measure and analyze the right content for your website and your audience.

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The 8 Best Drain Cleaners Of 2020


The 8 Best Drain Cleaners Of 2020

For instance, whenever you flush the toilet, water will abruptly appear in your bathtub or shower. Alternatively, if you run your washer, your sink may start to overflow. These are clear signs that you have a blockage or concern along with your major sewer line. Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου suggest 8 best drain cleaners that are less harmful to the environment.

1. Liquid drain cleaner

Baking soda, vinegar and boiling water can help clear drains naturally, but you could need something stronger, like Liquid-Plumr, to totally unclog those actually tough drain clogs. Hydro-jetting machines use excessive-stress water jets to blast away at any debris in your sewer strains from the inside. The hydro-jetting course of is so thorough it restores your drain and sewer pipes to love-new condition. Hydro jetting a sewer line is a method of sewer and drain line cleaning by using excessive-strain water streams via specialized jetting nozzles.

2. Storm drain cleaner

Storm drain cleaning rely on the kind and size of drainage system and reason for clog. Storm drains need cleansing when the catch basin is half-full or when flooding happens in the yard, driveway, streets, or basement after a rainstorm. Removing tree roots in a sewer line costs $200 to $600, depending on the method. Once removed, plumbers recommend annual or bi-annual chemical therapy that helps forestall tree roots.

3. Hydro-jetting drain cleaner

If a blockage is detected additional down your sewer line, hydro-jetting service is commonly beneficial. Manual Drain Snakes – A drain snake, also referred to as a plumber’s snake, is a small auger that rotates as it’s bodily pushed through the clog. Manual augers are very useful in clearing easy drain or bathroom clogs, dislodging any debris and allowing it to move via the sewer system.

4. Snake drain cleaner

Prices depend upon the pipe sort and length, location and accessibility, job complexity, and clean-up. For loose clogs located close to the bathtub, toilet, or sink basin, it could only take five minutes to snake a drain. Clogs near the main line, however, can take hours to resolve, particularly if they have an effect on a number of pipes. Plumbers have the talents, know-how, and gear to get the job much sooner, though you may pay a premium for their assist.

5. Professional drain cleaner

Sewer lines with severe tree root injury require substitute at $1,000 to $4,000. Main sewer pipe cleaning should always be dealt with by an expert. Main sewer line blockages could run under the home or be as much as 100′ away from the house, requiring expensive hydro jets, cameras, and augers.

These pipes are referred to as vent strains and if they become obstructed it could cause large problems on your residence’s plumbing that may require a neighbourhood plumber’s help. Unfortunately, a primary sewer line blockage isn’t something you can wait on repairing. A home needs water and drainage for normal, day-to-day residing. If your major sewer line is blocked, you may start noticing that water will backup in random locations.

6. Sewer water jetting Apofraxeis Antoniou

Sewer jetting clears obstructions that may be inflicting clogs and prevents sewage backups. Without a sewer cleanout, clearing a major line clog requires accessing the pipes from the sinks, tubs, and bathrooms. Without regular cleaning, backups and clogs can lead to flood, foundation, and septic tank damage. If hydro jetting or snaking doesn’t penetrate the clogged space, and dirt, mud, and rocks are faraway from the drain, a damaged drain pipe may have changing.

Sewer strains may be broken, cracked, collapsed, or filled with tree roots. Sewer line repair prices $500 to $1,000 if the pipes are accessible or $1,000 to $4,000 for pipes buried outdoor.

7. Drain DIY snake

Basic drain clogs can be dealt with yourself by buying a drain snake for $15 to $100, renting a machine auger for $30 to $80 per day, or using chemical cleaners. Access – Older houses with no sewer clean out are harder to entry the primary line through a sink, tub, or bathroom pipes. Sewer drains with a number of bends and connection points take longer to scrub.

8. Chemical drain cleaners

Misusing chemical cleaners can harm plastic drain pipes and can cause bodily injury. Alternatives to wash main strains are RootX, copper sulfate, and enzymatic drain cleaners such as Bio-Clean. Multiple Fixtures Clogged – If the toilets, tubs, sinks, and showers are all backed up at once or draining slowly, the main sewer line is probably going clogged. The average value to unclog a drain is $100 to $275 for a bathroom or kitchen sink, rest room, tub, or bathe.

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When starts 1st sexual intercourse?


When starts 1st sexual intercourse?

When starts the first sexual or the 1st sexual intercourse? A seemingly easy question that needs reflection and discussion. Sexual intercourse is the physical union of the male and the female as a consequence of the search for the satisfaction of the innate instinct, or the need to have offspring. Golden diamond escorts tell us all about it!

Erotic contact is something deeper, which includes a spiritual and mental attraction in addition to physics.

All people start their love life without having the appropriate experience. For all people there is the first time. Too often, the young person is informed of the secrets of sex by self-proclaimed experienced friends, but they are very likely to have built their experiences in their imagination alone.

After all, research shows that the most important source of information for young people about sex is their peers and friends. In addition, the information from their environment regarding the age and the difficulties of the first sexual intercourse is not accurate.

The age of the first time

The age of the first sexual intercourse changes with the seasons and is mainly influenced by social phenomena. A few decades ago, according to measurements made in the 1960s and 1970s, the age of first sexual intercourse for Western European countries was around sixteen (16) years. This decade coincides with the years of the so-called “sexual revolution“.

But significant social change in recent decades and the emergence of deadly sexually transmitted diseases in the last twenty years have increased the average age of first sex to about eighteen (18) years.

Greek statistical studies

Research in Greece over the past five years has found that on average men start having sex with escorts at 18.2 years and women at 18.8. Between the ages of 18 and 25, 27.3% of women and 11.6% of men still do not have complete sexual intercourse.

A recent study by the Hellenic Sexological Institute in collaboration with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the University of Patras, which involved 500 men and 300 women, aged 20 to 25, TEI students and private schools and students in the cities of Athens and Patras, provided some interesting data on the sexual behavior of young people in Greece.

1. Women

Of the 300 women aged 20-25, 71 women (23.7%) had, for various reasons, had no complete sexual intercourse until then. In the remaining 229 women, the average age of first sexual intercourse was 18.8 years.

2. Men

Out of a total of 500 men aged 20-25, 58 men (11.6%) had, for various reasons, no complete sexual intercourse until then. In the remaining 442 men, the average age of the first complete sexual intercourse is 18.2 years and mostly with athens escorts.

It is noteworthy that about one in two men and three in five women report that their first attempt at sexual intercourse failed. We notice that failure in the first attempt at sexual intercourse tends to be the norm.

The first sexual intercourse is usually for the woman without orgasm. Orgasmic ability comes with gaining experience, that is, the learning factor intervenes. The man in his first contacts usually works by not being able to control the ejaculation reflex. By repeating sexual intercourse, he eventually learns to control ejaculation.

Sex baptism

Although some believe that one night’s sexual encounters with call girls are one of the most enjoyable human experiences, scientists believe that sexual attraction and love should go hand in hand. In fact, sex is nothing but the quintessence of mental contact.

But in order to enter the soul of another, we must first show him our true self, which is very difficult for most people. We feel vulnerable and constantly confronted with rejection, which can be very painful.

However, it is not possible to start a love affair without knowing our partner and throwing our own mask. From the very first moment we have to tell the truth and only the truth and “establish ourselves” honestly. The truth is, perhaps, the best aphrodisiac. Emotionally we are all vulnerable and in a relationship of love and sex we have to admit it.

So we need to make our partner understand that the primary reason we are close to him is our need for love and the search for a partner. The myth that wants women to be romantic and men to be flirtatious, distorts the natural balance between the two sexes. Those who claim that love and sex are his monopoly of one or the other sex, distort the personality of the man and the woman.

First sexual experience

The driving force behind the first sexual experience can be love, lust, or even simple curiosity. After their erotic “baptism“, most people are usually scared, anxious, tight but also a little disappointed with the result. Sex for the first time does not give the ecstasy that inexperienced lovers had imagined and dreamed of.

Like almost everything, sex improves with the practice and closer acquaintance of the sexual partner. While for most men orgasm occurs automatically from the very first time, women at first have difficulty reaching orgasm. Even that is something that is slowly being learned.

What is the motivation for the first sexual intercourse?

Among the most common are the following:

  • Sexual maturation
  • Human curiosity
  • Because other classmates have already done it
  • To show that you are progressive
  • The friend’s request (To maintain the relationship)
  • The release of a need

Many young people fall into the trap of appearing with a fake face, declaring things they do not believe or represent. They hope that in this way they will be more attractive, that they will gain the preference of the other person more easily, or that they will achieve their goal more easily in this way. But the basic premise of a good relationship is to be honest or, in other words, not to be afraid and not ashamed of who you are.

If you think that you have a person in front of me who deserves to be loved and loved, then it is definitely worthwhile to present your real face to him and not to deceive him with myths. When you appear different from who you really are, then you are trapping yourself in a situation in which it is very difficult for you to function and communicate.

Therefore, the first sexual intercourse should be aimed at completing a relationship where there is mutual respect and love. And when these conditions do not exist, it is better to postpone than visit greek escorts.

In recent years, we have all witnessed a change in adolescents’ first sexual encounters, finding that the age limit is constantly falling.

A recent Health Survey on Interdisciplinary Relations and Sexuality conducted by the Cyprus Youth Organization and the Cyprus Institute of Reproductive Medicine, in a sample of 1668 high school and high school students, found that 37% of all sex students showed that one-fourth of students have % of girls, ie an average of 24%).

Of these children, 68% had sexual activity before the age of 16, or 280 of the 1668 children. When asked if they had an adverse event, 10.5% of students who had sex answered positively, ie 2.5% of the sample (42 children). The results of the research were presented on December 14, 2006. But let’s look in more detail at some of the research elements that interest us.

To the question “At what age do you think the majority of young people start having sex?” The following were given: 73.3% of boys and 68.2% answered that the majority of young people start before the age of sixteen (16).


The two most popular answers were 15 and 16 years old, where the curve in the graph reaches the top. This condition causes severe emotional stress in those children who do not have sexual intercourse and feelings of disadvantage that they have delayed compared to their other peers.

The question “If you have sex, at what age did it start?” 37.3% of boys and 13.2% of girls answered, ie 24% of all children have sex. 68% of these children had sexual activity before the age of 16. And some children from the age of ten.

Of course, one can question the sincerity of the children in the answers they gave, but these were the results of the research that should be of some concern to us.

United States of America (USA)

Recent research in the United States has shown that by the age of 15, 20% of girls and 30% of boys have had at least one completed sexual intercourse. Between 1986 and 1996, 14% of births in the United States were under the age of 18.


A 2005 study in Brazil of secondary schools found that 47% of boys and 32% of girls had their first sexual intercourse before the age of fourteen (14).

Adolescent love

Many things are experienced for the first time during adolescence, and perhaps for this reason adolescent experiences are characterized by particular intensity. It is natural for a teenager not to be able to predict the situations he will face in the many decades of adult life that preceded they will follow the relatively short period of adolescence.

He is convinced that the first time is the last, that what he lives and feels today will continue to live and feel throughout his life. This belief gives the experiences, the emotions, as well as the possible successes or failures of adolescence a complete and irreparable character.

The same goes for love. A teenager may think that his love affair with another person may not continue unabated throughout his life. It may be impossible for him to imagine that there is a chance that he will love another human being.

When the other person does not respond to his feelings, he has the impression that he will live his whole life overwhelmed by feelings of unbearable rejection and that is why he may feel desperate.

But don’t despair. As age and interests change, so can feelings. And that is changing. The criteria for evaluating our sexual partner as well as the qualifications that the potential groom or nymph must have also change. So don’t rush…

True love and a good relationship endure over time, and always remember that sexual intercourse should be aimed at completing a relationship where there is mutual respect and love, and not just an opportunity for carnal pleasure.

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Ghana say no to lockdown

Nana Akufo Addo

Nana Akufo Addo

The president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo,   has stoped a three-week lockdown in two cities, citing improved coronavirus testing and the “severe” impact of the restrictions on the poor and vulnerable in the West African nation.

He announded that Accra and Kumasi, two of the biggest cities , can re-open Monday and citizens can return to their jobs and their normal way of life, as he said. He added that this is not an indifferent desision of the goverment but a decision they had to make in order poor people no to be apart and have more problems. Also, public gatherings and school closure were still in place.

He advised Ghanaians to wear masks when going outside and to continue adhering to social distancing measures in public places.

Ghana has confirmed 1,042 cases, and nine people have died, according to Ghana’s Disease Surveillance Department on Monday. Health authorities say they tested more than 68,000 samples, and officials are awaiting test results of 18,000 samples.

They use drones to carry on samples to the labs

Despite increasing cases, the president expressed confidence in the country’s preparedness and efforts to prevent the virus from spreading. He said numbers increased during the lockdown because health workers were able to “aggressively” trace and test contacts of infected persons. Akufo-Addo said the government has begun using drones to transport samples to laboratories to improve turnaround time and it planned to scale up rapid tests across the country.
Authorities have been able to map cases and identify potential hotspots to detect asymptomatic cases to minimize the spread, he said.
They also mentioned that people there are familiar with that kind of cirmunstances. So, believe that things are going to be controlled again.
Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda have announced lockdown extensions of at least two weeks as cases continue to rise.